My Body Teaches My Mind To Read Better — My Pilates Teacher Fixes A Reading Problem

11 thoughts on “My Body Teaches My Mind To Read Better — My Pilates Teacher Fixes A Reading Problem”

  1. Great post. I think Pilates has made a difference for you and others. Also, you are very fortunate to have an amazing instructor.

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  2. I don’t have any specific examples but I fully believe the body and mind are connected. That’s why you can’t just do cardio and toning, you need the yoga and breathing (mediation if it works for you, which I have to admit, doesn’t work for me, but I’ve found other ways 🙂 and stretching. When you become aware of your body’s movements, it translates into your mind, which manifests itself in ways like helping you read. So glad you discovered this!

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    1. Lyn, what I have learned from you (my other amazing teacher) is amazing as well. To connect to my more graceful impulse by imitating your movements — which in turn makes me feel more grounded and graceful.


  3. I can certainly agree with you that the body and mind are connected, given my work as a psychotherapist. Besides our own knowledge of how good we feel when we are at the gym and working out with others, my experience with clients who have different emotional issues often relates to the mind/body connection very strongly. Just think about early abuse issues and how bodily trauma can manifest in emotional distress and pathology. Also, physical injury is not always remedied by medical treatment alone. Emotional issues often arise around what happens to the body.

    So, with that said from another perspective, the mind is absolutely connected to the body! Awareness of this is essential for both physical and emotional well-being.

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  4. I couldn’t agree more about the work needed to connect mind and body . It takes work to be present and to feel while focusing . As a yoga teacher I guide my students to take notice to how they feel in postures and poses .. by connecting the mind to the body you must be present .. mindful in the moment .
    Beautiful read !

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    1. Thank you for your comment. What you say, “by connecting the mind to the body you must be present .. mindful in the moment .” is so insightful and beautiful. This is likely an important reason why yoga is so effective in helping us learn how to be present and calm our monkey mind.

      Do you know if teachers of Mindfulness use this Mind-Body connection as well?


  5. Great post Lilian! As a therapeutic riding instructor we see all sorts of this mind/body connection all the time. As I mentioned the other day, some of our riders with speech impediments/delays have seen major improvement when their speech therapy is conducted on horseback! I’m attaching a great article about “hippotherapy” — something we’ve begun doing down at Swiftsure Ranch!


    1. Dear Caroline, I have been really impressed by the work at Swiftsure Ranch. I have seen how horseback riding strengthened the Mind/Body connection for a friend after suffering a stroke and another with Parkinson’s — I first noticed even though they normally, like myself, don’t sit up straight but somehow they both sat up beautifully straight on their horse — then I noticed their coordination, balance, and strength improved.

      Now your description of using hippotherapy for speech problems, this is so wonderful. Thank you for this important information.

      Can you attach the article in a comment to share? Thanks.


  6. Thanks Lilian, this is terrific insight! I know that my mind works best when I take care of my body well, like exercise and healthy food daily. You’ve helped me be more mindful of the body/mind connection!


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